Tanya's Massage Specialties

  • Neck and Shoulders

    Massage focused on the neck and shoulders aims to relieve tension and headaches. These are symptoms that may be associated with occupational stress, such as prolonged computer use.

  • Clinical

    Tanya's clinical massage focuses on helping clients heal from various injuries and musculoskeletal disorders including:

    • whiplash
    • carpal tunnel syndrome
    • sciatica
    • thoracic outlet syndrome
    • impingement syndrome

  • Swedish

    Swedish massage is a relaxing massage for upper or full body. Tanya may use light to medium pressure according to the client's needs and tolerance level. This massage promotes the general sense of well-being, relaxes tired, achy muscles, and relieves the stress and tension of everyday life.

  • Deep Tissue

    Deep tissue massage utilizes firm pressure with techniques to target specific problem areas. It is beneficial for relieving pain from chronic/repetitive stress injuries, or for clients who desire more pressure than a Swedish massage provides.

  • In addition to these full-service specialties, Tanya incorporates myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, trigger point therapy, Tui-Na, sports massage, and reflexology. She also does pregnancy massage and treats various conditions, including those mentioned above.